Player Welfare

Serious Injury Reporting

Use the following link to report serious injury/suspected concussion from a game that you refereed.

Ref Smart

Please see the below videos regarding tackle and player safety:

Please find important information regarding player welfare below. This information should be read and applied in conjunction with Law 3.10 which states the following:

Law 3.10 – The Referee’s Power to Stop an Injured Player from Continuing

If the referee decides – with or without the advice of a doctor or other medically qualified person – that a player is so injured that the player should stop playing, the referee may order that player to leave the playing area. The referee may also order an injured player to leave the field in order to be medically examined.

Player Concussion Protocols

Link to World Rugby Concussion Management

IRFU Concussion Poster

See the IRFU Guidelines for Referees

World Rugby Player Welfare Website

As of March 2015 IRFU have released a series of videos entitled “IRFU Concussion Guidelines for Amateur Rugby”. One of these videos is aimed specifically at referees. The videos can be found either on the IRFU website or on the IrishRugbyTVOfficial Youtube channel. The videos are available at the following links:

IRFU Website