Red Card Forms

In the case of a referee actioning a “red card” please carry out the following procedure, as agreed by the ARCB committee:

  • Call the offending player and his/her Captain.
  • Get the offending player’s jersey number.
  • Get the offending player’s name.
  • Have the team Captain confirm the offending player’s name.
  • Issue the red card.

When completing your email “match report” reply, after the match, please record both the name and the jersey number of the “red carded player” also noting that this name was confirmed by the team Captain.

When forwarding your RED CARD report to James Langan (086 385 3307)¬†for consideration please include the offending player’s name and number in the title of your report, noting that the name of the offending player was confirmed by the team Captain.

Find both .doc and .pdf copies of the red card report form below.

Examples of red card reports (with video clips) can be found here

Please ensure to complete the red card report as soon as possible and return to the Honourary Secretary.

Referee Sending Off Form (doc)

Referee Sending Off Form (pdf)