Referee Profile

Name: Jason Cairns

Occupation: Dreamer.

Club: Not attached. 

When did you start refereeing and how?
– I started refereeing 7 years ago. 
A mix up on dates  – I wanted to start my coaching badges but ended up attending a new referees course.. O well!!!! 

What has been your favourite referee experience?
– I have been lucky enough to be involved in many good games, but the stand out for me was my first Connacht Senior Schools cup final. 

What do you think is the toughest part of refereeing? 
– Honestly I can say that I don’t find any part tough. I love every aspect of it. 

What is your favourite aspect of refereeing?
– A referee will never get everything correct on the day, but most of the time in rugby it is just taking it on the chin with players & coaches that you have made a mistake. This aspect of the game for me is my favourite – mainly because I make a lot of mistakes. 

If there was one law you would like players and manages to be more aware of what would it be? 
– TJ`s at local level are not able to communicate to the referee. It can be quite funny watching a local game & coaches/players asking the TJ to tell the referee about something they have missed…. Surely the TMO will come in with a knock on in our U18 GAME.. 

What advice would you give to upcoming referees?
– Just have fun. 

What would you not leave home without?
– Well, Dhani Maguire said he always has clean boots… I can confirm that he does not.
I do!!!!!!!
O and Dhani, tuck in that jersey.