ARCB Mission Statement

Association of Referees Connacht Branch

Mission Statement (Adopted AGM 31/05/2021)

The Objects of the Association are as defined in the Organisation’s Constitution. The Organisation is an amateur, not for profit, volunteer organisation.

The Association is committed to providing officials for all matches requested through appropriate channels, within the resources available to the Association.

The Association and its members will operate according to the principles

  1. Respect for all participants in the game, including Players, Spectators and Match Officials. To become role models for others through the way we participate in the sport.
  2. Show integrity, so that our actions are open and transparent, in the interests of the sport of rugby football.
  3. The Association is an inclusive organisation, giving all members the opportunity to participate in our activities .
  4. To demonstrate a passion for the game, on and off the pitch and endeavour to carry out its activities so that the sport is a joy for all.
  5. Provide support, opportunity and training that facilitates excellence and allows members to become ‘the best they can be’.
  6. The Association and its members shall abide by all IRFU Child Welfare policies that apply to match officials.